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Some tips to better understand and choose our blends

Roasting The perfect roasting is a delicate balance between temperature (between 210 and 230°C) and time of exposure of the green coffee to the heat; it depends both on the blend composition and the typology of extraction to which the product is dedicated.

Lavazza formulated specific roasting cycles that can bring out the uniqueness of each blend and yield nuances of body, sweetness and fragrance.
Light roasting cycles are used for enhancing body and intensity.
Medium-length roasting cycles bring out the fragrance and sweetness, expecially for Arabica blends.
Dark cycles are reserved for espresso blends, which gives them a creamy quality and a well-amalgamated flavor.

Intensity We classify our coffees in five intensity levels to accentuate their peak of aroma, body and flavour.

Each intensity reflects our blending and roasting artistry:

1: a very light-bodied coffee with a delicate taste and aroma.
2: a light-bodied coffee, with a sweet and flowery finish.
3: a balanced coffee, with a thick and velvety crema, and a rich taste and aroma.
4: a coffee with a rich body, long-lasting crema, intense taste and aroma with hints of dried fruits.
5: a full-bodied coffee, with a dark and long-lasting crema, strong taste and aromas with notes of dark chocolate.