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"It's the coffee that makes the difference.

That was our starting point. Not yesterday, but over 110 years ago, from when Lavazza set out to give Italians unique and distinctively flavoured coffee.

In 2007  a capsule system was born,' A Modo Mio'. We think we have succeeded.

For us Italians, coffee just must be 'A Modo Mio' - the way each of us love to drink and offer a cup of espresso. Tailor made coffee, made for our individual taste, expectations and desires, exactly the way we want it."

Giuseppe Lavazza

Lavazza has created A Modo Mio for those who love Italian espresso like you do: superior quality and authentic flavour which make each cup a unique, unforgettable experience. A Modo Mio capsules incorporate more than 100 years of passion and experience, bringing the pleasure of unfailingly perfect espresso into your home.

A Modo Mio allows you to enjoy all the pleasures of a Lavazza espresso, cappuccino, caffé latte and many other traditional Italian coffee recipes all in the comfort of your own home.

Espresso, the way it should be The Authentic Italian Espresso
Espresso, the way it should be
Compact, full body and full taste cream.
The blends All the espresso you want
The blends
Our wide range of capsules is designed to always offer you the blend you prefer.
The coffee makers The espresso technology
The coffee makers
Lavazza provides you with several coffee makers to brew an excellent espresso.
Assistance Dedicated support and all the service you need
Advice on the best ways to use your A Modo Mio system.