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Lavazza has always been a company with an innovative approach to advertising.
The brand image strategies applied by the company during its early years were pioneering for Italy, even at that time. Then came the real advertising era, when Emilio Lavazza joined the company and met Armando Testa, one of the pioneers of Italian advertising.

Their collaboration began in 1958 with the Paulista campaign, and has moved from the old last millennium into the new, encompassing every possible style and artistic trend.

Starting with the first Lavazza-branded bags, the TV commercials of the early "Paradiso" campaign, and the collaborations with leading photographers on the international Lavazza Calendars, the history of Lavazza communication tells of the unique understanding between an inspired, forward-thinking client and a creative, equally innovative supplier.

The result is a successful coexistence between two completely different genres: traditional Italian comedy as represented in the Paradiso campaign, and the international reach of the stylish Calendar campaigns.