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A surprising, multisensory experience, with the opportunity to try coffee “as you've never seen it before”.

The art of coffee finds a new form of expression in the multisensory experience offered by the new Lavazza Flagship Store; A venue with a surprising and contemporary style for coffee “as you've never seen it before”.

September 19th sees the opening of the new Lavazza Flagship Store in Piazza San Fedele, Milan. This eclectic and immersive space spans across four areas, where Lavazza recounts and illustrates the many different aspects of its coffee.

“The opening in Milan, a city that has become a worldwide Italian point of reference over recent years, is part of a wider-reaching international strategy with the important, yet challenging objective of helping to renew the brand’s image. This is the first stage in a process that will entail the opening of new stores on Lavazza’s main key markets.” Giuseppe Lavazza, Vice Chairman of Lavazza

“We firmly believe in this project, which aims to give everyone the chance to experience the very best the world of Lavazza coffee has to offer. We will be surprising the public with our brand new Coffee Design products, developed thanks to our extensive expertise in experimentation in partnership with the top gastronomy world, in a venue where every element conveys the history and soul of a company that has always been committed to promoting the all-Italian coffee tradition with a constant eye on the future and innovation.”
- Marco Lavazza, Vice Chairman of Lavazza

Flagship Lavazza

Created with the assistance of top international chefs, the journey begins in the Coffee Design area. In this new discipline, cutting-edge food design meets the world of coffee in new and surprising flavour combinations.
This authentic cooking show gives rise to spectacular gastronomic innovations that include foam, caviar, Coffeetails and unexpected flavours for new taste sensations.

The Fresh Roasted area gives customers the chance to discover the art of roasting and blending which was first introduced by founder Luigi Lavazza in 1859. Visitors can experience first-hand our beans being expertly roasted in our special roaster, before having the opportunity to taste and buy selections of the finest origins and blends.

The Caffetteria Corner serves prized Lavazza blends, prepared according to historical recipes and local reinterpretations of espresso.

Lastly, the Slow Coffee area is devoted to the magic of the processes that highlight the excellence of the origins and blends through different extraction systems: from the syphon, to the Chemex, to the cold brew and the classic mocha pot.

The food menu completes the journey. Thanks to the assistance of celebrity chef Albert Adrià, traditional Italian fare has been reinterpreted in a bitesize form using the very finest ingredients.

A new and unmissable opportunity to enjoy Lavazza coffee as part of a hedonistic experience that promises satisfaction of all senses.