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At the 2012 Salone del Gusto, Lavazza continued its efforts in the area of training with its coffee workshops, as part of the official programme of the Taste Workshops to help coffee lovers discover all of the beverage’s sensory and flavour characteristics.

It is a journey that starts with a taste of individual coffee origins, continues with the various methods of preparation using professional filter machines or mocha coffee pots, and ends with the discovery of espresso-based recipes. Tradition and innovation, in the true style of Lavazza.

Bottura Come to Italy with me By Lavazza and Massimo Bottura




A journey throughItaly, to discover the regional gastronomic traditions reinterpreted with the vision and creativity of Massimo Bottura.

A gastronomic adventure in which Bottura, one of the world's most famous and important chefs, proposed coffee as a savoury ingredient while maintaining strong links with the local roots and typical flavours of Italy, inspired by regional dishes from the north and south of the peninsula.

Tierra The ¡Tierra! Project Exploring Sustainability Through the Aroma of the ¡Tierra! Project Blends



The ¡Tierra! project has just become even more interesting, thanks to the new "stories" told in this workshop, through the sampling of creations prepared with traditional Italian mocha coffeepot and with the espresso machine.

It is a workshop for coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs, led by the expert tasters from the Lavazza Training Center.

Caffè and Cioccolato Caffè and Cioccolato By Lavazza and Guido Gobino




A coffee workshop organised by the Lavazza Training Center in collaboration with Guido Gobino, one of the best-known artisans of chocolate on the national and international scenes.

Coffee and chocolate: two special products which share the same origins, and which are also selected and processed in a similar way.

A sensory journey through the lands where coffee and chocolate are grown, ending with an investigation of the ideal pairings between coffee and cacao. 

Coffee in Every Language Coffee In Every Language




The workshop organised by the Lavazza Training Centre was a voyage of discovery, to learn about how coffee is prepared and consumed all over the world: the typical Italian way, including espresso, mocha pots and Neapolitan-style coffee through to recipes prepared according to traditions of other countries.

Italian Espresso for Dessert Italian Espresso for Dessert Coffee in an unconventional way



The experts from the Lavazza Training Center interpret the various forms of espresso, to create innovative desserts and drinks.

Suggestions on how to prepare espresso, and tricks revealing how to use and combine flavours and ingredients to prepare imaginative and delicious coffee-based recipes, starting with the pure taste of espresso.

Simple, creative ideas that showed visitors how to have fun and get creative with coffee. 

The real Italian espresso The real Italian espresso Roasting, blending and brewing



The alchemy of espresso has been developed thanks to Italian creativity. A simple infusion of ground coffee and hot water has led to an art form in its own right, imitated and sought after all over the world.

The workshop explores the three elements of espresso: the roast, the blend, and the way it is extracted.

Sampling of pure origins and espresso blends created “live” during the workshop.

The ABCs of coffee The ABCs of coffee From the plant to the cup



Learn the basics of coffee: a journey from the distant lands where coffee is grown to the cup, not forgetting the harvesting, processing and roasting.

This workshop follows the whole process of coffee production and roasting, ending with a sample of four pure espresso varieties (plunger extraction) and two blends prepared using a mocha coffee pot.

Educational workshops on coffee Educational workshops on coffee For children




Children will love to draw, play and explore the world of coffee.

Under the guidance of play leaders and experts, the large number of children who visited the Salone and attended the educational workshops organized by Lavazza at the Oval produced real works of art with coffee.