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The company’s first location is now a sophisticated venue where you can discover the authentic Lavazza spirit

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Our company was established in Via San Tommaso 10,
the grocery shop of the founder, Luigi Lavazza.
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Coffee Design
Ferran Adrià’s creativity and technical innovation,
and the know-how of our Training Centre:
these are the ingredients of his sought-after recipes.
Come and discover them


Training Centre
The world’s largest coffee school tests new forms of taste.
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Via San Tommaso 10: the first Lavazza grocery shop was established in the heart of Turin in 1895.
The passion for coffee, successful ideas and an innovative spirit — the Lavazza company’s driving forces — found their first “home” here. It was here that the founder, Luigi Lavazza, began to make his first blends.

In 1995, to celebrate 100 years in business, the shop was reopened as San Tommaso 10, a coffee corner and sophisticated Lavazza restaurant, a temple of taste that starts from the excellence of coffee and goes very, very far.

For many years a laboratory of research, discovery and quality, at the Lavazza bar you can now discover the exclusive coffee-based recipes created by the Training Center with Ferran Adrià.

Crossing the threshold of San Tommaso 10 is a special experience, one where tradition and innovation meet: the ambience, the lovely images, and the coffee and culinary specialities take you on a journey through memory and into the future, communications and design, and the harmonious essence of all the expressions of Lavazza.