Platon Antoniou, known to the public as Platon, is a British photographer born on April 20, 1968 in London and raised in Greece, the homeland of his father.

He is nicknamed the “photographer of the powerful” because his portfolio boasts portraits of many world-renowned presidents and figures. His various shots seem similar to each other by composition, but each photo is different because it manages to bring out the human side of every great protagonist.

2030, What are you doing?

The question that opens the 2018 calendar is deliberately provocative and invites us to embrace the 17 Sustainable Development Goals outlined by the United Nations, through gestures both great and small for the good of the planet.

The calendar presents the faces of those who have accepted the challenge of change, oordinary and famous people who are equally a source of inspiration for all.

Jeremy Renner

Andre Agassi

Michael Opitz

Alexandra Cousteau

Dario Piselli

Bonnie Chiu

Francesco Faccin

Massimo Bottura

Marco Attisani

Gunter Pauli

Daniel Katz

Chief Nat Ebo Nsarko

Daphne Nederhorst

Tere González García

Mr and Mrs Sachs


Carlo Petrini