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Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Published on 13 March 18

In March 2018, around 250,000 people will head to Melbourne, Australia for its 26th annual Food & Wine Festival. And Lavazza will be there too.

Melbourne is known as a favourite with foodies. It’s also the coffee-drinking capital of Australia. So what better place for Lavazza to bring the two together?


For the second year running, Lavazza is bringing its world-renowned coffees to some of the most interesting events at the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2018.


This year’s Festival theme is ‘Community’. Nowhere will this be more evident than at the World’s Longest Lunch. Meanwhile, Lavazza waiters will serve the 1,700 people seated at the 500-metre table with cremespresso (a creamy, frozen espresso).


The River Graze Festival starts on the same day and will feature Lavazza’s travelling Coffee Cart. Visitors to Melbourne’s Southbank Promenade will enjoy fresh, locally roasted coffee beans in the signature Lavazza style.


Lavazza will also feature alongside some of the most innovative concepts in food and wine over the opening weekend. On Saturday 17 March, for example, Lavazza will take up residence at the Theatre of Ideas – serving fresh coffee in innovative biodegradable cups.


A week before the festival even opens, the Lavazza Coffee Cart will be warming up at the Flemington Grazing Trail & Cellar Door event during Super Saturday.

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