At the Australian Open 2018, while the points will make the games and the games will make the sets, tennis enthusiasts will enjoy the authentic and traditional taste of Italian coffee thanks to Lavazza.


Art, rituality and passion: these are the values which connect our coffee with this compelling sport. A perfect match settled seven years ago through the partnership with Wimbledon and then with the Las Vegas legendary player Andre Agassi, during the US Open in August 2016.


That’s why we are in the Australian Open 2018 fields together.


More than 30 on-site outlets have been designed by a team of Lavazza Training Centre experts from Australia and Italy, for this occasion.


One of these is the Lavazza Café at the Grand Slam Oval: a two-storey, custom-built structure with an up-to-date design, where you can savour the classic hot beverages as well as fresh, custom drinks, such as the Cremespresso and the Nitro Cold Brew.