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Coffee With a Legend

Lavazza tells you the stories of the most relevant tennis figures

A cup of coffee, a meeting place and a well know figure. This is what we would like to call “Coffee With a Legend”, the new appointment of Lavazza with tennis lovers, resented directly from the Australian Open 2019.


Are you wondering what a cup of coffee and tennis have in common, right? Simple, the passion for the challenges on the field.


Now, take a break, get a coffee and watch Lavazza’s mini interviews with some of the world’s well-known tennis figures.  Make yourself comfortable with your steaming coffee cup because we are going a tell you not only one story, but 7.





During the first interview from the Australian Open 2019 café, Jock Zonfrillo and Andrea Mazza talk about how coffee can balance both the flavors and the moments of life.


Strong coffee in the morning and cappuccino during the day, that’s how Andre Agassi, trainer and former American tennis player, began his coffee routine at age 14, when he had to get up early to go to school. Now he is trying to reduce his daily dose of coffee, especially in the evening.

Marco Lavazza

“Espresso, a bit long, not too short and with raw sugar”, Marco Lavazza in this interview reveals us his taste and his relationship with coffee.

“Up to 5 a day, but here, with the jet lag, 6 or 7… it helps”, reveals Lavazza’s Vice Chairman. Coffee is daily ritual, “those who live with me notice when I haven’t had any coffee during my day”, admits smiling.

Mark Philippoussis

What’s the secret of a great tennis champion? "An espresso before every competition to get the right kick", reveals Mark Philippoussis, the Aussie former tennis champion.

As a child he used to drink hot chocolate, and in the last three years he started drinking 3 coffees a day: 2 in the morning and 1 before going to bed - "I have no problem sleeping", admits Mark.

Becoming a great tennis player has always been his dream, since he was 14: “The most important thing is not to lose heart and always believe in your goals”, says Mark.

Thanks to tennis, he also discovered a new passion: coffee.

Todd Woodbridge

The first time he was presented with an espresso, during a tennis tournament in Bologna, Todd Woodbridge asked himself: "How could I ever drink it?" From that moment on, drinking a coffee became his ritual before taking on an important match.

Todd's advice to play the perfect match? "Finding the right partner."

Carlos Moya vol. 1

"Coffee is something special in Spanish culture, it’s a common habit to drink it with friends and at different times of the day", reveals Carlos Moya, coach and former Spanish tennis player.

"Being a tennis coach means to know the player deeply and all of his background so to be able to support him as a friend in all good and bad times", confesses Carlos.

The next coffee? "At home, in Mallorca, with my children waiting for me."

Carlos Moya vol. 2

"It was 1996, I was twenty years old, when I started my career. First in Auckland, then here in Melbourne where I played my first match: it was a really great experience, even if I lost the first round. "

One of the greatest legends of tennis, Carlos Moya - a great long-time friend of Nadal - unlike his companions reveals us that he never drank a coffee before an important match: "but now thinking back, an espresso could have changed the fate of the match", says Moya with a smile.

From the café of the Australian Open 2019 we portrayed some stories of those who face big challenges every day while sipping an espresso: the right charge to start every day.


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