Discover the perfect Oro symphony.

Qualità Oro is the perfect symphony of exquisite, expertly blended Arabica coffees in a combination of origins, aromas and tastes created by Luigi Lavazza himself.


It is a unique symphony, which deserves to be tried… and heard.


This is how the Oro symphony was created.

Internationally renowned sound designer Chiara Luzzana has succeeded in capturing the essence of Qualità Oro, recording sounds throughout the creation process of the blend: from the plants in South America to the journey taken by the beans; from their arrival at the port of Genoa to their roasting in Turin, and the sound of the moka pot as the coffee is prepared; all united to compose the perfect symphony, revealed with the first sip of this extraordinary blend.

Explore the movements of the symphony


The most exquisite Arabica coffees create a unique composition


Lavazza Qualità Oro is born in the plantations of Central and South America, the homelands of the most exquisite Arabica coffees. 


Sound designer Chiara Luzzana undertook a journey through Brazil for Lavazza, searching for the perfect symphony of coffee. She listened to and recorded the sound of the plants, the rustling of the leaves and the whispering of the coffee cherries, as well as our farmers, who select only the most suitable beans to become Lavazza Qualità Oro, taking care of them every single day.


This is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning of the blend


The Lavazza Qualità Oro beans leave the Americas on a long journey across the ocean that brings them to Genoa, their first landing place in Italy. 


For Lavazza, Chiara Luzzana captured the sounds of the coffee among the crashing of the waves, the noises of the port and the movements of the jute bags. 


The Lavazza Qualità Oro beans are ready for their next adventure.


A prestigious blend, capable of creating an unmistakable taste


At our manufacturing plant, the Lavazza Qualità Oro beans are unloaded, checked and cleaned before moving on to the roasting stage and the perfect blending. 


The sounds of the production process, gathered by Chiara Luzzana, accompany the creation of a blend which, before it will become Lavazza Qualità Oro, must pass one more test: the expert Lavazza tasters analyse the finished product to verify the excellence of the taste. 


Water, coffee and heat compose the sweetest notes


The enchanting sounds of extraction, whether with the moka pot or in coffee capsules, enhance the aromas and taste of the coffee.


Now, the perfect symphony of Lavazza Qualità Oro reveals itself in the espresso cup, releasing its sweet notes. 


The sounds of the espresso cup and spoon complete the symphony, created by Chiara Luzzana, which finishes with the tasting of a unique coffee: Lavazza Qualità Oro.  

Chiara Luzzana, sound designer

Chiara Luzzana is an internationally celebrated sound designer and composer. A sound engineer and teacher of Sound Design in Italy and China, Chiara is fascinated by the sounds of everyday life, which most of us simply ignore. Indeed, it is through these sounds that she is able to distil the very essence of the world around her.


Her work has made its way into a range of projects for leading brands, and has even attracted the attention of the Venice Biennale, which commissioned her to create the soundtrack for its pavilions.

Try Qualità Oro

Qualità Oro

The Qualità Oro symphony is the fruit of six exquisite Arabica coffees from South America, roasted separately and blended following Luigi Lavazza’s original recipe. The resulting coffee is sweet and aromatic, with refined fruit and floral notes. 


Qualità Oro - Mountain Grown

Try also Qualità Oro - Mountain Grown, which combines Arabica coffees grown at 2,000 metres above sea level to obtain an intense and extremely fragrant coffee, whose hallmark is its golden crema and warm colour.


Qualità Oro - Firma

The perfect symphony of 100% Arabica coffee from Central and South America. Offering a sweet and delicate blend, with an intense and fragrant aroma since 1956.