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The coffee at FICO is Lavazza


Taking centre stage in Bologna at the largest agri-food park in the world , representing the excellence of Italian coffee through the narrative of the entire production and supply chain



Bologna, November 2017Lavazza, a leading Italian company in the coffee sector and recognised as one of the major players worldwide, is the roasting company that will represent coffee at FICO Eataly World, the largest agri-food park in the world due to open on 15th November in Bologna. The aim is to tell the world of the gastronomic excellence and beauty of Italian agri-food through the reconstruction of food processing processes over 100m2 of biodiversity.


Lavazza has a unique space of 400m in the “sweet” area of Fabbrica Italiana Contadina, where people can experience the coffee chain “live”, from the plant to the cup, through the industrial processing of the roaster. Lavazza will use a small artisan roasting factory and new storytelling areas to involve visitors in the story of this popular hot drink, from supply to production, roasting and consumption. The  Fresh Roasted area will be dedicated to the discovery of the art of roasting and blending, an all-Italian innovation introduced by company founder Luigi Lavazza back in 1895. The green coffee of high quality and freshness will be transformed in this area, as it was in the first Lavazza grocery store in via San Tommaso in Turin, using the special toaster in front of customers. Available exclusively from FICO,   a precious 100% Arabica blend that combines three special origins from Brazil, Honduras and El Salvador, created specially, but not only, for the occasion by the blending masters from Lavazza.


The presence of Lavazza in the Fabbrica Italiana Contadina consolidates the long-term partnership with Eataly, where Lavazza bars have been designed to offer an authentic Italian coffee experience, from Milan to the latest one opened in Los Angeles.


“It is a source of great pride to be part of the excellence that is FICO Eataly World, and to be able to share our experience with the product and tell the history of a pioneering roasting company,” said Gloria Baghdadi, Head of Marketing Retailing in the Lavazza Group  – “The coffee for which we are ambassadors in the largest agri-food park in the world also inextricably links us with the themes of social ethics and sustainability underlying the protection of quality and respect for biodiversity”.


The Lavazza space, whose concept and staging project was curated by the NEO group (Narrative Environments Operas), reflects stylistic elements from the first Flagship Store, recently opened in Milan and also retains several characteristic features. A bar with a semi-circular design winds through the space that presents both the full range of traditional products along with regional recipes (Torinese Bavareisa, Paduan coffee and Neapolitan coffee), the organic blend, and the “Fresh Roasted” 100% Arabica for espresso. Also on offer are international trends in filtered coffee, represented by the experiential world of Slow Coffee, with four different methods of preparation, from Chemex to Cold Brew to pour over and French press.


To cover the stages that make up coffee production, Lavazza also has an educational area that illustrates the full supply chain in five information points, from seed to plant, to roasting and tasting.


From green coffee to the packaged product, all coffee transformations will be shown in the roasting laboratory which is divided into two areas: a production area with the roaster, and a store where the public can buy roasted coffee in grains or ground from the special “Fresh Roasted” blend.


Moreover, no one can describe the secrets of the art of roasting and blending better than Lavazza:  these processes were an all-Italian innovation, introduced by company founder Luigi Lavazza as far back as 1895.


The story of the raw material production supply chain continues also within the large central area. A circular video set-up consisting of multiple synchronised projections will introduce the audience to the Lavazza universe through a 360° multimedia path. They will be able to visit a coffee plantation which will appear on the wall and can be activated using a large grinder.

In addition to this interactive storytelling area, Lavazza will also be present in a lounge area surrounded by stunning immersive projections, showing the methods of cultivation and the people who work in coffee plantations all over the world.