Training Centre
This is the largest centre for coffee studies on the Italian and international scene.

Thanks to the Trainer, a culture is created out of the art of coffee, creating a legacy of knowledge to be shared. This is the mission of the Lavazza Training Centre. It has the largest coffee training network, with 8 offices in Italy and 42 around the world, dedicated to catering and distribution professionals as well as to consumers and coffee lovers.

Coffee School
The Lavazza Training Centre is a veritable university of coffee: we organise training courses for baristas, catering staff, sales force teams, distributors, newly-hired staff, consumers, journalists and opinion leaders.
Coffee Experience
From plantations to coffee design, through to the art of preparing real Italian coffee; at the Training Centre you will find much more to taste than expected.
Coffee Design
Lavazza's creativity and experience become a reality through the research done by our Training Centre.
Our worldwide network