coffee machine with Alexa coffee machine with Alexa

Coffee machine with Alexa, the future in a cup of coffee

By the Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

It is undeniable that Alexa has made life easier through the absolution of a series of tasks that requires voice command only. From now on, Alexa will also help you brew amazing coffee with wonderful smart voice activated coffee machine designed in collaboration with Lavazza.

How does the coffee machine work?

Recently, Lavazza launched a brand-new coffee machine taking advantage of Alexa voice assistant built in. Known as A Modo Mio espresso coffee machine, suitably named Voicy, the brand’s latest model has been created in collaboration with Amazon and provides the wonders an intelligent personal assistant could perform.

You will be able not only to ask for the brew of your delightful espresso but will enjoy a list of other functions and services. You will be informed about the weather and the traffic and will have to chance to send messages, make and receive calls or turn on the light and play your favourite music. For the very first-time, top-quality coffee meets the countless options provided by Alexa and the charm of a fancy and technologically innovative device.

In addition, Lavazza A Modo Mio Voicy works with a dedicated app which lets you carry out multiple operations, from monitoring capsule stock, to placing new orders or recording your daily coffee consumption. As you can see, all that is left to you is properly enjoy your wonderful coffee experience!

 App A Modo Mio Voicy

Why Alexa support is useful

Alexa help and support provides you the answers to every kind of question and need. The first thing you have to do is to download and sign in the dedicated Home Connect section you easily find on If you already have an account, then make sure all your home appliances are connected to it. After your successful registration, all you have to do is to link it to your home appliances by following the instructions in the app or reading the insert from Home Connect appliances.

At this point you will need to connect Amazon Echo to your user account; log in via your Alexa app or at and finally check your settings. You will have to activate the skill and add the smart appliance functionality. Browse the Alexa Skill Store and search for “Home Connect” skills, then activate the desired one and log in using your Home Connect user details. Your Home Connect appliances will be now linked to Amazon Echo via your user account and you will finally get started.

Alexa Coffee Machine

The technology behind this coffee machine

The launch of the A Modo Mio Voicy making use of Alexa technology witnesses Lavazza’s commitment to developing hi-tech solutions, to place the brand at the centre of an innovative and  high-quality coffee experience the customer can easily enjoy at home. 

What is Alexa? We are dealing with a natural language processing-based system conceived by Amazon. In other words, Alexa is a virtual assistant whose contribution takes part in Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap, FireTV and in hundreds of other third-party products. Firstly launched in 2012, this ground-breaking technology has become an integral part of numberless services. While no longer being a mere weather telling or music playing device, we may consider it as a sort of versatile storehouse including more than 100.000 skills.

Let’s see how it properly works. For instance, when simply turning on a light, the underlying hardware device – which is always online – records the voice via its microphone. This last one is sent to the Alexa Voice Service (AVS), a cloud-based service which understands the recording and converts it into a command. The system will then look for the specific function in the list including the skills it can perform and will send the relevant output back to the device.

Are you ready to make your everyday coffee tasting a performing and technologic experience? A Modo Mio espresso coffee machine will make your habits easier, improving your routine by adding a tasty hint to your everyday life.

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