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To create your coffee all you need are three things: coffee, water and a filter. However, there are a variety of options on the market to choose from which influence taste, mouthfeel and the final drinking experience. Below we explore some of the most popular coffee brewing methods!

The different methods for coffee brewing


Cowboy coffee is an easy-to-make and cheap coffee brewing method which is perfect when you are travelling or camping. All you require is a pot and a heat source such as a campfire. To prepare the coffee, boil the coffee grounds  in the water for a couple of minutes, after which point, remove from the heat. Leave the coffee to sit for a few seconds, allowing the grounds to fall to the bottom, pour your coffee into your cup and enjoy. This method, which is portable and handheld, is perfect for camping and is ideal when you are in need of your morning coffee-fix!


The magic behind the Moka Pot is due to its classic three-chambered brewing process. This stovetop espresso maker boils water in the bottom chamber which produces steam, causing pressure to push up the coffee grounds, sending them into the top chamber.  This method produces a velvety-smooth yet strong and intense coffee which is rapid and simple to make. This is due to the heating of the water which produces a soft bubbling sound when the coffee is ready. This process will take around five minutes, making it the ideal option during your morning rush!

moka pot


Espresso machines may guarantee a great shot of espresso due to the technology involved and the range of machines available on the market. The key to looking after your machine is frequent cleaning which will improve the performance and longevity of your machine. Espresso machines work by pushing highly pressurised hot water through tightly packed coffee grounds held into a porta-filter. Today, there are endless options and different levels of automation which allow greater control over the brewing process. It is always good to check the machine’s multiple functions to ensure a delicious and strong espresso.

espresso machine
preparation of the espresso


Many coffee aficionados adore the French press and can’t get enough of the full-bodied coffee which is produced using this method. The French press is an immersion brew method; coffee grounds are fully immersed in water before being strained using a metal filter which allows oils and undissolved coffee particles to pass into your cup. This method requires around 15-minutes to prepare and suits those who like to have a coffee with their breakfast. The French Press, which comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, lends itself well to drinks containing milk and cream.

french press coffee


Instant coffee is regarded as one of the easiest coffee brewing methods and is made by dissolving dehydrated coffee granules in hot water. Straightforward and low-cost, it not perceived as the most delicious or complex ways to produce coffee, however, it is fast and easy-to-make and if made correctly, its taste may surprise you!

Everyone has their own method

Co-author of the book Blue bottle craft of coffee (2012), James Freeman states: “If you buy good coffee and want to prepare it well, you have to choose a method that lets you express your dedication, skill, and enthusiasm.”

Many think manual brewing methods correspond to a higher quality, better tasting coffee experience. However, with an abundance of ways to brew coffee at home, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed right from the start! Therefore, focus your specific needs, the technical differences of each method and the amount of time you are willing to spend in order to identify which coffee brewing method suits your needs best!

The best coffee for each method

It is no surprise different brewing methods require different coffee types and qualities. For instance, Cowboy coffee requires very coarse grounds to be brewed at its best. Every Moka lover knows the perfect type of grind required for this method is finer ground beans. For a fine-grained, balanced, and consistent coffee, the Espresso machine requires a fine grind, whilst the French Press benefits from a coarser grind. As for Instant coffee granules, when choosing your blend, you will discover a variety of different brands and varieties to suit your personal tastes.

Here are a few ways in which to brew coffee at home. As you search for the right method for you, bear in mind that it is always good to experiment with different preparation methods in order to discover new ways in which to brew and serve your favourite beverage!

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