Coffee Ice Cream: the iconic recipe

Discover how to prepare one of the most iconic and beloved desserts in the world.

By Lavazza Team 2/3 minutes

This dessert needs no explanation.

Ice cream is perhaps the most beloved and iconic dessert in the world - famous in every nation across the globe.

Its origins date back to antiquity when, probably, fruit, milk, honey and other foods were refrigerated to preserve them. Bear in mind that there are reports of frozen dairy products that date as far the Tang dynasty (618-907).

However, Ice cream as we know it today was invented by Bernardo Buontalenti, a famous architect who worked in the court of Caterina dei Medici in the 17th century.

Now, let’s learn how to prepare this delicious recipe! 


3 eggs

150 g sugar

313 ml cream

9.9 g (3 spoonful’s) Lavazza Prontissimo!

59 ml (4 cups) espresso “ristretto”


1.     Prepare a cup of espresso coffee and dissolve Lavazza Prontissimo! Into the hot         espresso.

2.     Whip the chilled cream until you get the desired consistency and leave it in the fridge while        you continue with the other preparations.

3.     Separate the yolks from the egg whites.

4.     Add 100 g of sugar to the yolks and blend them with an electric whisk until you obtain a         dense mousse (whip for about 3 minutes) and then add it to the whipped cream:         remember to mix slowly.

5.     Whisk the egg whites with 50 g of the remaining sugar into stiff peaks.

6.     Add it all to the cream with the yolks, folding in from the bottom up.

7.     Once a homogeneous mixture has been obtained, slowly stir in the cold coffee .


Place the ice cream into a bowl, cover it with cling film/saran wrap and place it in the freezer.

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