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How to store ground coffee: the importance and all the tips

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Since fresh coffee comes from newly ground coffee and espresso beans , it is out of the question coffee connoisseurs must learn the best way to store ground coffee maintaining maximum freshness for as long as possible. Grinding beans everyday might be impossible for many of us, especially on hectic mornings. That is why pre-ground coffee comes out as a convenient solution allowing us to get our cup in a few minutes. Whether stored correctly, it will taste almost as good as the fresh one. To make it happen, in the following paragraphs we are going to describe the best methods for storing ground coffee.

The right way to store coffee

Storing espresso ground coffee should in fact be done following specific conditions that may contribute keeping its life and savour. As ground coffee is highly perishable, it keeps its best flavour only for a few minutes after being ground and the more time goes by the more loses the rest of the aromas ruining to a great extent its amazing ritual, as scent is undoubtedly a consistent part of the taste experience.

Coffee shops and chains go through the whole process of serving coffee extremely quickly, therefor this is not their problem. However, it is quite interesting noticing that despite many people have been using ground coffee for so much time, there is no method to be considered as universally best for its storage. Still, many people do not reflect about it at all and have probably become accustomed to a lacking flavour deriving from an improper storage of their coffee. Accordingly, the right way to keep ground coffee and whole beans fresh is to store them on a pantry shelf away from lightheat and moisture, inside an opaque- airtight container, better if a vacuum-sealed one easily found in stores.

Can You Freeze Ground Coffee?

Frozen ground coffee can last keeping its freshness for up to two years only whether it has been correctly vacuum-sealed. Otherwise, it will not last more than six months. When keeping your vacuum-sealed coffee in a pantry storage, it may keep its freshness for not more than five to six months.

Can you freeze ground coffee? You should freeze coffee whether you are not going to make use of it for long periods ranging from at least one month. If you freeze the coffee you use every day, its fluctuating temperatures will create moisture in the packet significantly affecting the taste of your morning cup. When you feel like consuming the coffee that you have previously vacuum-sealed and frozen, all you have to do is to open the bag and remove only as much coffee as you are about to use in a week or so. At this point, re-seal the bag just before returning it to the freezer.

The refrigeration of coffee shouldn’t be contemplated, since at refrigerator temperatures water molecules in the air within the canister condense and permeate the coffee affecting its flavour.

Furthermore, when choosing your container, you should avoid reactive metals and instead go for glass or ceramic containers.

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Best tips to store coffee

To summarize in broad outline, here are the tips you have to follow to best store your ground coffee and keep its taste and aroma unaltered:

  1. Avoid the refrigerator in order to keep coffee grounds away from moisture.
  2. Check the expiration and roast dates on packaging and drink it try to consume it all in the 2-6 months after the roasting;
  3. If you don’t plan to drink your coffee for a long time, vacuum-seal and freeze the grounds to help your batches last for long-term storage;
  4. Seal the grounds in an airtight container or a vacuum-sealed original packaging;
  5. Store your coffee grounds in a dry place at room temperature and avoiding moisture;
  6. Consume your coffee grounds within a month.
  7. Wait to grind until you are very close to drink your coffee.

Since coffee lovers should be able to store their grounds in the best way to maximize its freshness far into the future, it is highly recommended to consider our advice on how to store ground coffee in order to make your everyday cup as delicious as it must be!

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