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Lavazza for Eataly

Enjoy a truly authentic Italian taste experience

A must-have to complete a truly authentic Italian taste experience, coffee has played and continues to play a major role in Italian culture. 


Born in a small grocery store in the heart of old Torino, Lavazza has been Italy’s favourite coffee since 1985. Throughout the generations, Luigi Lavazza and his family mastered the art and science of this craft and, as a result, Lavazza is now the symbol of the Italian espresso worldwide.


Here is where Eataly comes into play.


Eataly’s mission is to enable everyone to experience the best of Italian food culture in the most authentic and sustainable way while respecting the economic, social environmental, and cultural assets of the countries in which it operates.


Thanks to Lavazza, Eataly can offer its customers an authentic Italian coffee experience sourcing the highest quality beans from sustainable farms.


To quote a famous Italian expression: “a good day starts with a good morning”. 


From the morning cappuccino, to the after-dinner espresso, what better way is there to start your morning than with the perfect Italian coffee?  


With this in mind, the Lavazza Training Centre created several original recipes to take those visiting Eataly for a cup of Lavazza coffee on a sensory journey around Italy. Known as regional coffees, these special recipes were created especially for Eataly and were inspired by some of the most authentic Italian traditions and customs pertaining to each individual region.


A Turin specialty dating back to the 1700s, the original “Bavareisa” beverage is a mix of coffee, chocolate and creamy milk, sweetened with syrup. 

Our commitment is doing the best we can to use sustainable resources, ensure fair working lives to coffee cultivators and, of course, reduce CO₂ emissions in our supply chain Let’s do this together!



A popular beverage among intellectuals, politicians, academics and students since the 1800s, this coffee with mint-flavoured cream is enriched with a sprinkling of cocoa.


Invented in the 1950s in a small bar in Lecce, this coffee combines ice, almond milk and espresso while keeping all its flavour intact. A beverage best enjoyed cold.


A beverage that dates back to the Middle Ages and originated in the great city of Naples, this classic coffee combines coffee and hazelnut.


A beverage originating in the southern Italian tradition of cultivating liquorice, the basis of this Calabrian recipe is Coffee, brandy and liquorice. 


Savour the unmistakable flavour of Lavazza coffee at various Eataly stores around the world, in major metropolitan cities including Milan, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas and Moscow, to name but a few. 

Apart from being a marketplace for many delicious products and restaurants, Eataly often hosts several classes and events. From hands-on pasta classes to storewide wine tastings, these events offer the ultimate Italian food experience and are design for both food connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

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