Jock Zonfrillo and the Lavazza Training Center present

In the amazing frame of the Australian Open, Lavazza makes great tennis taste like coffee.
One of the main events is the Coffee Pairing Day, on January 16th - for the occasion, the drink is transformed, interpreted and combined with the most exotic ingredients. This year's exclusive menu was created by renowned chef Jock Zonfrillo, in collaboration with Lavazza Training Center.
The wide range of recipes celebrates both traditional and modern elements of Australian culture, merging them in a completely new form of cuisine.
Every dish is inspired by the Lavazza Kafa blend and its aromatic notes of ripe cherries, honey, dates and jasmin. All servings are paired with a special coffee-based drink, to refine each experience the Lavazza way.

Pancetta and avocado relish tigelle - Bloody Coffee Mary

For breakfast, the classic bacon and egg roll is translated in Italian, with crispy pancetta and tigelle in place of bread.
The dish comes with the vivid Bloody Coffee Mary, made with tomato, red Vermut and the Kafa espresso, served in a small tumbler.

Scarlet prawn cocktail - Kafa Sangria Way

Giant prawns are the starting point for a light aperitif, served with a delicate prawn mayonnaise and cos lettuce.
The aperitif is completed by the Kafa Sangria Way, a champagne flute filled with Ginger Ale, White Vermouth and strawberries. 

Damper and mud-crab - Lavazza Espresso Martini

The damper and mud-crab dish captures Australian vibes with a twist, bringing into play burrata cheese and a miso dip. The perfect appetizer is served with the Lavazza Espresso Martini: Kafa espresso, Calua and a fragant crust with sugar and coffe powder, a pleasure for the palate.

Surf n’ turf - Kafa Hot-Cold

Surf n' turf is a plate where the land meets the sea. Jock Zonfrillo pairs it with marron, geraldton wax and green ants.
Lavazza's chemex-prepared drink is a great match, thanks to its complex temperature and the sweetness of a rosemary and honey infusion.

Strawberries and cream - White Rose

As a dessert, the menu refines an easy choice, preparing strawberries and cream with set buffalo milk and eucalyptus.
The meal ends on a romantic note, thanks to the White Rose cocktail made with Kafa cold brew, liquid cream, honey and rose water.

Jock’s menu honours Australia’s incredibly varied food history, celebrates the nutritional properties of indigenous ingredients, respects the producer’s relationship with the land and integrates all this to define the country's modern gastronomic identity.

Training Center

The Lavazza Training Centre is the largest Italian and international centre for the study of coffee. For more than 25 years, it has trained the best professionals working in the Horeca circuit, promoting the culture of the Italian espresso globally and experimenting with new blends.