Lavazza is not only the excellence of Italian coffee, It is the best Italian coffee experience in all its shapes. 



It is an infinite history of quality, taste and innovation, starting from Turin and reaching the rest of the world.

The coffee experience offered by Lavazza is not only the Italian version of local coffees, but the celebration of all coffee preparations and consumptions, created and interpreted by the leader of Italian espresso. 



Everywhere you are and whatever is your way of drinking coffee, with Lavazza you can always find your «more than Italian» coffee to fall in love with.




Whatever your way of drinking coffee, Lavazza has something perfect for you. 

Get to know three of our best varieties

Qualità Oro,
Selection of fine coffees, to experience the excitement of grinding a historical blend.

Lavazza offers you Espresso Qualità Oro Coffee Beans. Lavazza offers you Qualità Oro Espresso coffee beans. You too can enjoy the excitement of grinding your own coffee beans with the original 100% Arabica blend.


The espresso of the ancient Italian tradition, suitable for drinks with milk.

From Brazilian, Asian and Central-South American Arabica, an intense and harmonious flavour of espresso, which cannot help but boast of its slightly caramelised flavour and hints of chocolate. Full passion.


Preparation is just as important as the drinking rituals.

For every coffee, Lavazza recommends a special hack to bring out its best qualities.

Watch closely and become your home's barista.




There's more to sip

Discover lots of coffee varieties and choose the one you feel like.