Irish Coffee recipe Irish Coffee recipe

Irish coffee recipe

By the Lavazza Team 2–3 minutes

Irish coffee is one of the most famous coffee drinks in the world and there are so many coffee lovers who adore this coffee cocktail.


It’s easy to make an Irish coffee at home, you'll just need a few essential tools:

  • A heatproof glass
  • Coffee machine or French press
  • Whisk or mixer
  • Spoon


Here are the Irish Coffee ingredients you will need:

  • 150ml freshly brewed hot black coffee
  • 2 tbsp double cream
  • 50ml Irish whiskey
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar - adjust to taste based on your preference for sweetness
  • Ground nutmeg or cinnamon to garnish (optional)


  • Step 1. Preheat the glass by rinsing it with hot water. This will ensure that your drink stays warm for longer.
  • Step 2. Very lightly whip your cream so that it’s slightly thickened and set aside
  • Step 3. Brew your coffee using your preferred method and make sure it's piping hot
  • Step 4. With a steam wand from a coffee machine or in a small pot, warm up the sugar and the whiskey until sugar is dissolved, then pour it into the glass
  • Step 5. Slowly pour the whiskey into the coffee in the glass and stir well to combine
  • Step 6. Using a spoon, carefully layer the whipped cream on top the coffee mixture, allowing it to gently float without blending
  • Step 7. For an extra touch of flavour and garnish, add a sprinkle of ground nutmeg or cinnamon over the whipped cream.
  • Step 8. Serve and enjoy your Irish coffee
Irish coffee drink

What is an Irish coffee

An Irish coffee is a caffeinated alcoholic drink or cocktail containing a mix of Irish whiskey, hot coffee, sugar and cream. There is much debate around the when and the how of the drink’s invention, but one popular theory is that the drink originated during WWII, at the Foynes Airbase in County Limerick, where the head chef added whiskey to the coffee as a warm welcome for some of the arriving passengers.

Tips and Trix

Here are a few ways you can upgrade or mix up your Irish coffee:

  • 1. Choose a bold and full-bodied coffee for the best flavour: a rich, dark roasted coffee will provide the best flavour in an Irish coffee
  • 2. The best Irish coffee glass: a heatproof, tall, stemmed glass, specifically designed for Irish coffee will help maintain the temperature of the drink for an optimum drinking experience
  • 3. How to make Irish coffee with Irish cream: if you like your Irish coffee extra sweet, then you can substitute the sugar with a couple of spoonful’s of Irish cream to make your drink extra creamy and delicious.
  • 4. Alcohol-free Irish Coffee: if you’d prefer an alcohol-free  version, you can simply follow the same method , but removing the whiskey from the mix. I
  • 5. Decaf Irish Coffee: for an after-dinner drink, or for those who don’t like to consume caffeine, use a decaffeinated coffee in your Irish Coffee.
  • 6. Other alcohol variations: while the original recipe calls for Irish whiskey, you can always swap that ingredient for rum or bourbon if you’d prefer another spirit.
  • 7. Iced Irish Coffee: On summer days when the weather is hot, enjoy an Irish Coffee over ice for a refreshing cold variation on this classic cocktail!

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