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Top 5 cocktail recipes including coffee

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For coffee lovers there is nothing like drinking their favourite beverage even when night approaches, and there isn’t a better way than having a coffee cocktail! Within this article we will focus the top five coffee cocktail recipes, to see how to combine the bitter taste of coffee with sweet liqueurs to achieve the tastiest combinations ever!

Espresso Martini recipe

The first choice for coffee aficionados is the classy Espresso Martini, the most renowned among espresso vodka drinks, perfect for your “aperitivo”, as a delicious dessert or an after-dinner drink.

Three ingredients are required for an outstanding bittersweet taste: Espresso, Kahlua, and vodka. These components will allow you to brew the fantastic, sophisticated, and frothy drink invented in 1983 at the Soho Brasserie by the notorious Londoner bartender Dick Bradsell. As the legend narrates, he prepared it in response to a model asking for a drink.

How to make it? Just follow these simple instructions:

 Espresso martini recipe

Irish Coffee recipe

Though there are countless variations, here’s how to brew a classic Irish coffee with just a few ingredients, for a perfect combination of bitter coffee, whisky and frothy whipped cream!

Featured on the International Bartender Association (IBA) official cocktail list. All you require for this delicious cocktail invented in Ireland during the 1950’s is: a warm coffee, a shot of Irish whiskey, brown or white sugar and some fresh or whipped cream.

First, make your coffee following your favourite method , then make your homemade whipped cream and whip it to soft peaks. At this point, add the coffee to a glass or, even better, an Irish coffee mug , leaving about an inch for the cream to top your cocktail. Stir in the sugar and the Irish whiskey until the sugar dissolves. Gently float the whipped cream on top by making use of the back of a spoon. Your traditional Irish coffee is ready, tastier than ever!

Spiked coffee is also popular in Latin countries on both sides of the Atlantic! One of its many variations is known in Spain and Latin America as Carajillo.

Amaretto Coffee recipe

The cocktail we are about to describe can be found halfway between a drink and a dessert and tastes delightful! Amaretto liqueur coffee is a boozy coffee drink combining the sweet and nutty flavour of amaretto liqueur and the bitterness of coffee, topped with frothy whipped cream and cinnamon. It an Italian coffee cocktail with a nod to the traditional Irish coffee. This amaretto coffee can be enjoyed as a nightcap but is also perfect as a dessert when you are looking to end your meal with an exquisite touch of sweetness!

Black Russian recipe

Let’s see how to prepare this well-known coffee-flavoured vodka cocktail, which is perfect as an after-dinner drink, but also as an afternoon pick-me-up. Black Russian is a classic cocktail dating back to the 1950’s made using two ingredients and tasting like a dessert.

Based on coffee liqueur, it was invented back in 1949 in a hotel bar in Brussels for the American ambassador in Luxembourg, and so does not come from Russia! Its name is in fact linked to vodka and, of course, to its colour, given by Kahlua, the coffee liqueur in it. You also might know its popular cousin, the cream-filled and tasty White Russian!

Revolver Cocktail recipe

The Revolver cocktail is a spin-off of the Manhattan, starring bourbon and Tia Maria coffee liqueur instead of the conventional sweet-tasting vermouth and is topped with a flamed orange twist. Intriguing and sophisticated, it starts with sweet vanilla and oak notes and finishes with a lingering, intense, bittersweet coffee flavour. Invented in 2004 by bartender Jon Santer at Bruno’s, San Francisco, the flamed orange twist is certainly its trademark, giving the drink a tantalizing burnt aroma.

How to make this recipe? Its ingredients are Bourbon whiskeyTia Mariaorange bitters and orange peel. All you have to do is combine them in a mixing glass with ice and strain into your cocktail glass.

Here are just a few of the many combinations one can make while mixing coffee and alcoholic beverages. Let’s experiment and find the best blend according to your personal taste!

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